rhs xc STATE.

What a day. What a season for these girls!

There’s absolutely no question these girls poured their hearts and souls into this season. Several overcame injuries. Several battled others for times on/off varsity – heartbreaking in itself. But they ran with pure heart. Every race.

As a team they placed 8th in the state…out of 16 teams, and hundreds more that didn’t qualify. I know we cross-country families and coaches could not BE more proud.

On a personal level, this was a tough day for me. My daughter, Sophia is a senior at Richland High. She’s been on Varsity since her time-trial freshman year. We’ve been all over the northwest watching her for 4 years give it her all. She has taught me a lot about sacrifice and commitment and discipline. I admire her a lot.

Saturday she had the best race of her life. I couldn’t have been more proud as she not only got a PR; but came down the shoot with one of her best friends; I was literally in tears watching the whole thing unfold.

Watching Nattie finish second…her first year running XC ever, and Maddie give it her all and struggle just to finish; but she DID finish. I’m literally bawling watching these girls. So inspiring.

Congratulations Ladies. All of you.

I literally love shooting sports. I love shooting the sweet moments that happen during sports. I feel like this is one of those things were you just need to KEEP PRACTICING to get better shots. I look at my sports photography now vs. where I started and I’m kinda embarrassed with where I started.

Here are some things I’ve learned that might help you.

I shoot with a Nikon D4s and a Nikon D3s. I’ve been waiting to upgrade to the D5s…but Nikon has never come out with it so I’m impatiently waiting for the D6!! I’ve always used Nikon’s professional bodies as I believe you get what you pay for, they are beasts and true workhorses and have not yet let me down, and all the other bodies feel like toys.

My go-to lens, no matter what the sport is the Nikon 70-22mm 2.8 lens. It’s fast. It’s also heavy after awhile. Would I like a longer lens? Yes. Has it been worth the investment yet? No. What’s on my wishlist? Since you asked, This one:https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1052083-REG/nikon_2217_af_s_nikkor_400mm_f_2_8e.html It’s only $11,196.95. Christmas list?

Thanks to my Spider Holster Pro, I am able to carry two cameras at once. My other body is usually fit with something wider like the 35mm 2.0 or my 50mm 1.4. I can quickly go back and forth.

I shoot manual with the lowest ISO I can get away with. In a gym…that’s often 4000 or higher. On this cloudy day I was shooting at ISO 400, 1/1600 at f 4.0. It’s important to pick a shutter speed that will stop that motion (athletes are usually moving fairly quickly).

Find a good location. This usually takes a little scouting before the event. In this case, I got to the state meet early. Watched an earlier race I didn’t care much about and took a few test shots. Don’t be afraid to move around to try different angles. In this case; I didn’t really have time to do that so I found a good central location and stood my ground.

Sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know; I got lucky and got into prime location due to one of the RHS staff members. I’m not saying who in order to protect the innocent.

Timing is everything. I equate shooting ballet and basketball the same way. A lot is due to practice and timing. You have to anticipate the best shot and click away.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, email me: kim@kimfetrow.com