I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact me directly if you need more information here.


General Questions

  • Do you sell the digitals? Can I just buy the disc?

I have found that most clients feel so overwhelmed by making choices and end up doing nothing with the images, which have not yet been edited. I will take time with you during your order session to help you narrow down your choices and order the images that you love.

I do provide the edited digital file, printable up to 8×10, with every image you purchase with a release for printing. I believe anything larger is an art piece and should be handled as such. Way too much can be lost with bad printing; I’ve even sent stuff back to my professional print labs when the color was off.

If you are interested in a “shoot and burn” photographer, I am most likely not a good fit for you.

  • Do you deliver every image you shoot?

No. I delete those that are blurry, too dark, overexposed, and most test shots. I show optimized proofs and deliver edited images.

  • What kind of sessions do you shoot?

I shoot pretty much anything and everything except boudoir (because I’m just not comfortable) and newborn babies in baskets (because I know so many other people who do this better). Take a look here and at my Instagram feed to see some of my latest work.

  • Do you do mentoring sessions?

As a single owner of a busy photography studio, I just don’t have time. So, no.

  • What if I lose my images?

I have had many, many, many clients come back to me after a hard drive failure or change in employees over the years. Although I do not guarantee image storage, I do back up everything I shoot on two drives.

  • Do you shoot video?

I do not. But I worked as a video producer for 13 years and have several excellent friends I can refer you to.

  • Do you have an assistant?

Most shoots do not require an assistant and it is fairly normal to have family or friends jump in on a shoot to help carry stuff. However, I am happy to hire an assistant if necessary, however, the client is responsible for this cost.

  • Can I change outfits or locations during a session?

    Absolutely! We can move around as much as you’d like. Keep in mind travel time cuts into shooting time. I encourage people to change outfits to add variety to their sessions. But be prepared to change in your car or mine!
  • Do you do mini-sessions?

As mini-sessions take as much pre-production preparation and just as much post-production time as a regular shoot, no. I base all of my shoots on the time it takes to get the job done right.

  • What if I’m late for the shoot?

Time is our most valuable asset. The shoot starts at the scheduled time. Please plan accordingly.

  • What if I need to reschedule?

I realize that things come up; they do for me too…and don’t get me started about the weather! If something comes up give me a call, we can most likely work something out. I’m happy to reschedule once. However, canceling the shoot less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled shoot will result in the loss of half of your session fee.

Style and Quality Questions

  • What is your photography style?

I don’t know that I have a “style”. As a commercial photographer, it’s my job to shoot for a client’s brand style…not mine. Take a look at my Instagram feed to see current work and see for yourself.

  • How do you handle tough lighting situations?

With over 20 years of experience as a professional photographer, I can handle the tough stuff. A good conversation before a shoot allows me to bring the necessary equipment to be successful.

Post Production Questions

  • What is the difference between “edited” and “proofs”?

Images are viewed as “proofs”. They’ve been optimized for color, and contrast, straightened and those that are out-of-focus or terrible are deleted. Images are EDITED once a client makes their choices and purchases images. Everything that leaves my studio is EDITED.

  • What is your editing style?

I believe people should look their best, but also still look like themselves. I do not over-edit but I will remove blemishes such as stray hairs, and acne, and smooth some bags under the eyes. Although I CAN make you look like Barbie, I choose not to. Editing also includes removing distracting things in photos such as trash, or power lines. Excessive editing may require additional charges (“Can you remove this building out of my photo?”…).

  • Do we get the copyright of the images?

I will provide you with a print release that includes unlimited PERSONAL USAGE for the images you purchase – which is not the same thing as copyright. Copyright simply means that as the creator of the images, I “own” the copyright, and selling it is not even possible unless you’ve created a time machine and you go back and click the shutter yourself. However, I can sell the usage rights. As the copyright owner, I retain the right to use everything I shoot for marketing or promotional purposes, competitions, publications, etc.

Business & Equipment Questions

  1. What kind of camera/equipment do you use?

I shoot with two professional Nikon cameras (the Z9 and D6) and use two cards in my camera at all times in case one fails. I have a wide range of Nikon lenses covering everything from fisheye to 200mm. I also use a variety of flashes and light modifiers to handle any lighting situation.

  • Do you have insurance?

Absolutely. I think it is absolutely irresponsible and unprofessional to operate a business without it.

  • How long have you been in business?

I have been a full-time professional photographer for over 26 years.

Payment Questions

  • How do I book a session?

To hold your portrait session date, the session fee and portrait contract are due at the time of booking. A $500 deposit is due (along with the signed contract) to save a wedding date and counts toward your wedding total, which is due before I start shooting on your wedding day.

  • What if we exceed our contract time?

Additional time shoot time is billed at $300/hour to cover shooting and necessary image optimization time.

  • Is there an additional fee if we pay by credit card?

Yes. There is a 4% fee added to the total to cover the merchant fee.

  • Why do you charge travel fees?

I charge for all of the time that it takes to complete a shoot. This includes travel time. When traveling I am not available to complete other work.

  • If I pay for my package in cash will I be able to avoid paying sales tax or receive a discount?

Unfortunately paying cash does not exempt a photography studio from paying State sales tax, thus I am required to pay it, so no, there are no discounts available.