As a professional it’s my job to get professional photos no matter what the circumstances. That’s why you hire me.

But sometimes all things align at once and you get a session that you’re just really proud of. This is one of them.

Leah wanted something different. She’s artsy. She’s quirky. She’s fun.

So we went to Walla Walla (I mean, come on, it’s already gonna be better just because, right? Psst. Walla Walla is my hometown and I’m kinda weird about how much I love being from there).

The light was gorgeous. It was warm for a fall day. Leah’s clothes were just so fun and so her. Her posing was awesome. She wasn’t afraid to do what I asked. Makeup. Hair. Check.

We just kept following the light as we worked our way downtown…and into HOT POOP. (Her request).

We closed out her session at a railway junkyard that gave me results I was really proud of.

But I have to say without my Godox flash; the results would NOT have been the same.

I am NOT just a natural light photographer. I use my gear. I guess you could say that’s the commercial photographer in me coming out. And I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Sit back and enjoy my favorites. No apologies. I couldn’t narrow them down any more! I’m terrible at that!